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Comprehensive Benefits Package

Our innovative and hard-working people make everything we do possible. That’s why we make it a priority to provide a comprehensive benefits package that helps you reach your goals at work and at home. From competitive pay to medical insurance plans and wellness incentives, we offer everything you’d expect from an organization that puts people first—plus so much more.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

At KeHE, our ESOP is a unique offering that really makes us stand out. It’s an incredible way to save for retirement, be part of something greater, and directly benefit from doing good business.

A retirement account that gives our employees ownership of the company in the form of stock shares.

We deposit shares into your account every year, they grow in value – then you can cash them in for retirement income.

The biggest difference is that with an ESOP, we make the contribution. With a 401k, you make the contribution out of your salary.

ESOP Employee stories

Building Brighter Futures

“I was able to pay off my mortgage from my first employee stock ownership plan payout. Now I own my home free and clear – and I’m also able to put my daughter through nursing school.”

Walter H.,

Inventory Control Associate

“I feel lucky that I’m able to take ownership in the company – and take advantage of this amazing benefit to build a more secure future for myself and my family.”


Market Analyst

“When I first joined the Warehouse team, I never dreamed I’d be able to impact the value of the company and set myself up to retire comfortably. I’m so thankful!”


Order Selector

“We work hard to build a successful future for the company – and the company works hard to build a successful future for us. It’s a beautiful thing.”


CDL Delivery Driver

“The ESOP shows how KeHE invests in the legacy of its workforce. Can’t believe I’m saving big-time for my retirement, without contributing any of my own pay.”


Warehouse Receiver

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